Ginny Dye

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Ginny Dye

Ginny Dye is just a normal person who happens to love to write. If she could do it all anonymously, she would. In fact, she did the first go round. She wrote under a pen name. On the off chance she would ever become famous – she didn’t want to be! She doesn’t like the limelight. She doesn’t like living in a fishbowl.

She especially doesn’t like thinking she has to look good everywhere she goes, just in case someone recognizes her! She finally decided none of that matters. If you don’t like her in overalls and a baseball cap, too bad. If you don’t like her haircut or think she should do something different than what she’s doing, too bad. She’ll write books that you will hopefully like, and we’ll both let that be enough! :) Fair?

What else? She loves to read, cook, sit for hours in solitude on her mountain, and also hang out with friends. She loves barbeques and block parties. Basically – She just loves LIFE!

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